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An artistic operation using concrete as our medium
versus a concrete company with artistic applications

flirtation Letting ones eyes wander over color... results in the eye itself being charmed by the beauty and other qualities of the color. The spectator experiences a feeling of satisfaction, of pleasure, like a gourmet who has a tasty morsel in his mouth.
-- Wassily Kandinsky, 1912

Now add visual concrete to the scenario, with our ever increasing array of concrete finishes and coloration techniques.

Visual concrete flooring has a multitude of design options to capture the imagination.

Over the years Colormaker has focused in on cementitious toppings and its coloration for the decorative concrete industry.

Gary JonesColormaker is on a constant search, experimenting and testing, always on the lookout for different coloration methods for our formulated concrete overlays. One of the company's feature products, called Pentimento, is a topping based on old Italian ingredients and methods, using the latest in modern chemical technology... producing a polished marblised concrete look with depth and color.

Also a proven and successful route for the company has been the combining of techniques and fresh perspectives from artisans with a diversity of personalities, motivations, and styles. With their input, Colormaker has been able to establish these cementitious surfaces truly in a world of their own.

We are constantly expanding our inventory of thought and ideas.

Gary Jones, Managing Principal

what our client had to say...

"Owned by associate and mad genius Gary Jones, Colormaker is our primary source of colors. Gary's Pentimento and Sgraffino lines are the only concrete skims (overlays), I've seen, that actually work. They even look like real concrete! This is the only manufacturer that really 'gets it.' "
Miller the concretist, Benicia, California

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