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Reproducing retail/theme identity with concrete as the flooring medium, creates a lot of interesting issues to solve.

triumph flooringEarly on in our history we learned about the pitfalls associated with relying on the existing concrete as the base for artwork and coloration processes.

With a strong background in cementious topping, our company, through an on going R&D program has developed a line of cementious overlayments specially designed for highly visual decorative concrete... To the extent that with Pentimento, our cement based topping, we can resurface concrete at 1/16 inch and still have our Patinaetch acid stains work as if the surface was normal concrete. This allows you to produce the desired results without the need for expensive floor protection during the early construction phases. Solving your flooring issues is as much our job as the manufacturing.

We are consistently working, nationally and internationally, with the commercial client providing all the necessary decorative concrete needs from product manufacturing to project consultation.

what our client had to say...

orca floor "Colormaker's concrete skims have lasted for years. They work hard at making a better product, always pushing the outside of the envelope. The end result is our stores have the lasted technology and the best looking hard surface floors."
Steven Crocker, Project Manager for Whole Foods Market, CDM Real Estate Co.

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