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Decorative Concrete Kits - Do It Yourself... and Save a Bundle! Everything you need to create beautiful decorative concrete floors like a pro. This complete step-by-step system includes everything you need: DVD Video, Instruction Booklet, tools and products. "It's in the Box!"
Distinctive Concrete
The site for decorative concrete - Ideas, inspiration, photos and resources.
Concrete Decor Magazine is the contractor source for all decorative concrete applications. Discover concrete countertops, stamping and staining concrete floors, overlays, microtoppings, and more.
The Concrete Network... Information, Products and Service Providers.
The Decorative Concrete Institute provides consulting, education, installation and training to marketplaces across the United States and Internationally. DCI is the South East Distributor for Colormaker products in the US.
Michael Miller - the concretist... poetry in concrete and extending the outer limits of our profession.
Dana Boyer - "The concretist moves among impressions given by the senses"
Buddy is based in The Bay Area. He specializes in precast counters, tiles and objects. His signature is his unique veining.

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Marketing psychologists state that a lasting impression is made within ninety seconds and that color accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of an object, person, place or circumstance. Because color impressions are both quick and long lasting, decisions about color are critical factors in success of any visual experience.
Principal Fu Tung Cheng is noted for his incredible sculptural countertops. Check this out.

concrete + metal
A site featuring concrete + metal. Run by an artist out of Ontario, Canada. It features himself and other artists experimenting with, naturally, concrete and metal.

Joe Nasvick Articles
Concrete Network - Chemical Stains Gain Respect
Concrete Network - How to Hints
Concrete Network - How Stains Work
Joe Nasvick is Senior Editor at Concrete Construction magazine and is a master of concrete mix designs and admixture use. Here are a few of his articles featuring the work and comments of Mike, Gary and (in the May 2002 issue) Dana.
Swedish conceptual designer, Bjorn Ollner art directed Gary on the set of Disney's "Santa Claus II" and, in the Bahamas, on a pirate museum. An inspiration with his concepts and ideas...

David Undery Concrete Artist
Check-out a concretist kindred spirit, UK artist, David Undery. David's concrete art panels are described as "visual, tactile and sensual".
Modello Designs Decorative Masking Patterns take decorative concrete to a whole new level. A wide range of standard and custom designs to combine with Colormaker products to create Artistic Concrete Effects. Medallions, tiles, borders and allover patterns can be used with varied techniques: embossing, resists, decographic dyes, gel etching and more.

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