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Choosing and mixing colors while keeping in mind the tactile aspect of concrete can be an overwhelming task at first... The rewards are in being able to create masterpieces by using subtleties and refinements in hue, value, and saturation with the tactile elements of concrete.

subtle concreteWhen working with Colormaker products you need to get a general feeling for your concept and color.

We have all the products available with technical data information for the "do-it-yourself". If you feel like letting your creative juices run, you are welcome to let your hair down and cast a few hand fills of sawdust on, we sometimes use this as a color resist. For those who would like to take it a step further, as a client you have access to our in house conceptual artists and color technicians with access to a fully experienced team of artisans to install your floor.

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expedition floor "After selling the family house and moving downtown, the beauty of our concrete flooring (Colormaker Pentimento) really makes us feel like true city urbanites. I like the feeling on my feet, it's like walking on velvet, and surprisingly much warmer than I thought it would be. It's quieter than walking on hardwood floors with none of those hollow echoes."
Barbara & Peter, Owners of Park Place Dental Group, Vancouver

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